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Safe Case LY

Safe Case LY information security service  


Lakeuden Ympäristöhuolto Oy has offered information security services in the Southern Ostrobothnia area since 2001. Our security services has been updated with a new name Safe Case LY. At the same time LY has developed and expanded the service with reforming individual container monitoring and adopting a new, high classification crusher for maximum security standard materials.  


The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brough forth new responsibilities with data protection and personal data for data controllers and processors. The essential parts are risk-based approach to data protection as well as data controller’s compliance demonstration. The data controller’s responsibilities grow in conjunction with personal data processing risks. The data controller must take care of and be able to demonstrate compliancy with the GDPR in all personal data processing stages. Personal data processing must be planned and documented from start to finish. Destroying documents and records with Safe Case LY information protection service the data controller can ensure data security and demonstrate compliancy with the legislation.  


Safe Case LY information security services for archives, documents and various records is a comprehensive solution fulfilling EU directives. Materials are transported and destroyed in a single chain of events. Destroyable archives can be for example documents with personal data, bids, contracts, reports and accounting files. Other discardable units can be obsolete work wear, off-specification production batches or out of date marketing materials.   


After a needs assessment LY provides locked security containers for the discardable material as per the contract. Identified containers are shipped under supervision, every delivery is documented and confirmed with the recipient’s signature, and a security commitment contract is signed with every retrieval. Data protection liability shifts to LY with the security commitment contract. The person retrieving the protected material wears Safe Case LY insignia and carries a personal identity card with a profile picture. Safe Case LY security service vehicle is unloaded in a specialized guarded space equipped with locks, and camera- and alarm systems. Only personnel with training, security clearance and who have a signed a nondisclosure agreement can enter this space.  


Paper materials are destroyed by shredding. LY has a security rating DIN 66399, security clearance P3 cross-shredding and P6 security stipulated crushers. IT-devices are taken apart, and data containing parts such as hard drives, are perforated and crushed mechanically. Rest of the apparatus is dismantled, and any possible outer identifier is removed. Various records, such as floppy disks and memory sticks are mechanically crushed.  


With Safe Case LY information security services, You ensure data security and demonstrate GDPR compliancy during archive and records destruction. The service is also environment friendly. All materials from paper to computers ends up as secondary raw material or as recovered fuel for energy and heat production stations. LY provides yearly reports or certificates of the destroyed materials if necessary.  



ConfidentialLY case closed. 


With Safe Case LY information security services, You ensure data security and demonstrate GDPR compliancy during archive and records destruction.

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