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Lakeuden Ympäristöhuolto Oy (LY) offers individual and comprehensive waste management for companies, trade, industry, the agricultural sector and the construction sector.  LY specializes in handling and processing waste material, preparing materials for reuse, recycling and recycled material productization. Our place of business is South Ostrobothnia, Finland.   


LY was established in 1986, and today is one of the pioneers in the Finnish waste management field. We use the latest know-how in production methods and technology resulting in 64 % of all collected material going to reuse, 28 % to energy production and only 0,5% is placed to landfill.  


LY is an official collection terminal for Suomen Uusiomuovi Oy (The Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd.). We bring in and process trade & industry packaging. The collection terminal works in conjunction Clean Plastic Finland Oy, a regeneration company established by LY with its associates.


We offer services like: 

  • Individually tailor-made, holistic waste management solutions 
  • Collecting, sorting, transporting and crane truck services  
  • Reusing of waste: plastics, cardboard, paper, energy waste, metals, glass, biowaste, wood, used vegetable oil and electronics 
  • Data protected recycling services (Safe Case LY)   
  • Producing and selling recovered fuel SRF and wood chip  
  • Selling secondary raw materials 
  • Container sale and rental  
  • Training and consulting 


Our values are partnership, trust and future.



Join us in building a better future!
Lakeuden Ympäristöhuolto Oy

is a local family business that specializes in handling and processing waste materials.


LY is one of the pioneers in the Finnish waste management field, using the latest know-how in methods and technology.


Toimiva jätehuolto on yrityksellenne etu


Niin myös poltettavaksi tai kaatopaikalle menevän materiaalin vähentäminen. Säästätte kustannuksissa ja yrityksenne saa lisäarvoa ympäristövastuullisuuden hyvästä hoidosta.


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