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Clean Plastic Finland Oy

Clean Plastic Finland Oy (CPF) is Lakeuden Ympäristöhuolto Oy's (LY) affiliate company. CPF regenerates plastics LY has processed and produces rPlastics granulate as raw material for the industry.  


CPF regeneration plant in Merikarvia, Finland crushes, washes, melts and granulates different types of plastics: mostly PE-LLD, PE-LD, PP and PE-HD plastics, meaning colourless and coloured polyethylene and polypropene wraps and canisters. The end product rPlastics granulate fills plastic industry's strict quality benchmarks. The reclaimed raw material has a wide usability, for it has nearly identical properties with virgin plastic material. CPF's objective is to significantly reduce the need for virgin plastic materials and to replace it with regenerated raw materials.  



Source separation benefits everyone


LY utilizes technologies such as optical sorting, and CPF has a washing line with the latest technology allowing it to process even dirty plastics. Yet no tech can fully replace the importance of source separation as of now.  LY helps and trains with any sorting or recycling related questions.  100% recycling level with certain waste materials is entirely possible with consulting. Together client's rejects are researched and LY identifies the most efficient way to recycle the suitable materials. 


Well pretreated material ensures the high quality of renewed raw materials. Proper sorting also benefits the customer, for it can significantly save in waste management costs as well as reduce the company's climate impact. Every company – and not just the environmental sector - is responsible for the environments well-being. 

Clean Plastic Finland Oy is LY's affiliate company.


For more information on our joint operations or about plastic seperation please contact us:




tel. +358 6 429 6750

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